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In this cross-functional role at supporters of Global Entrepreneurs and the community member of Big Capsule, you’ll be optimizing Entrepreneurs' journey across all business universe.

You'll be part of our Big Capsule. and work closely to entrepreneurs and the company around the globe.

You'll be responsible for helping entrepreneurs' communication barriers, working together, interpreting results, and supporting them to management without bias. Improving the quality of the product and business at each stage of the funnel will be your North Star.

You're also passionate about your entrepreneurship and social responsibility as Capsule creator. You're striving to develop your professional skill set and to provide your capsule to the networks around the globe.
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- Capsule Creator: Providing suitable business service, Coaching and consulting program

- Global Curator: The regional partners of Big Capsule as the roles of ambassador, evangelist and Some part of Sales Reps.

- Contributor: Helping entrepreneurs' business in the communication section.

You can choose multiple options, and If you choose Capsule Creators, We'll contact you to discuss more detail.

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If You state your skills about the both of writing and speaking in detail, It'll be greatly helpful for entrepreneurs to find you and to get in touch.
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